Crypto Reward Program policy and rules

Welcome to changeangel’s crypto rewards program.

Changeangel crypto rewards program is a way for you to earn crypto with every crypto to crypto exchange you perform at changeangel. You can choose to receive your crypto in DigiByte, Litecoin or Tfuel. You can monitor your rewards in an easy dashboard. You will see an estimate of what you will get as a reward, within the swap box.

Rules for Changeangel - Crypto Reward Program.

  1. You get rewarded up to 30% of the swap fee, with a cap of $20 worth of DGB, LTC or TFUEL, per transaction.
  2. Earnings will be paid out in either DigiByte, Litecoin or Tfuel. You have to choose the type of crypto you want back as a reward.
  3. Rewards earnings will only be for select swap pairs and the estimated earning amount will be showing in the swap box. Please see the image below.

  4. Minimum rewards withdrawal amount is 1500 DGB, 0.5 Litecoin and 280 TFuel
  5. All displayed rewards are estimates and the final reward amounts will be shown in your dashboard after the transaction is complete.
  6. After a rewards withdrawal request is made, the rewards will be delivered to your wallet , within 24 hours.
  7. Changeangel retains the right to amend and change the Cashback earnings percentage without prior notice to it's users.

If you have additional questions, please contact support @